My husband and I thought it was marvelous — so well-written, and the actors were wonderful too.
I loved all the complex turns of plot you added to the play — never a dull moment, and the humor was perfect, not overdone. What a treat! I wish there were more local plays of this quality to attend.
Jesus is smiling upon you for developing the talents He gifted you with, Corean!

Blessings to you and yours,


Ingrid Pruss, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
Western Connecticut State University



Thanks for keeping me informed. My aunt said your show was fabulous. I was out of state on business. Is there an online link to view your shows?


Corean always know from me that you are a Fantastic writer. You should have been a screen play writer because you are gifted with a special talent.

Love you girl and Thank you for letting me be part of your dream.


Great show Corean!

Send me some pictures and I’ll post them on The Palace site.

Oh and btw… it was a delight working with you… your cast… and crew 🙂


Carol Spiegel
Managing Director


Just got home from a FANTASTIC show!! Corean, you have done it again girl!! I enjoyed every second, and the cast was phenomenal. And yes, I’m partial, so a special shout out goes to my partner in love and life, Mr Jonathan M. Hill Jr. You were excellent honey!!!

Alycia Hill


Oh Corean, the reviews from everyone I spoke with was great, over the top, worth more then they could express & ready to go to another one, I was not surprised at all, you know I’m your number one *Fan* Lol my mother said the food was awesome, and she had a great time and enjoyed the play so much. Now my question is, when will this be playing again? Since I was out of the country. Bravo, bravo for a job well done, your commitment to what God has called you to do and the creativity that you are gifted with. Love you and praying for the next level be greater then your mind could ever imagine. 

Stacey Reazer


I thought I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I was so tired when I got to the theater but I perked up when the play started. Fantastic play.


When is ACT III coming? We want it this year, not next year!


I really had a nice time. I would like to know how the actors are selected. Is anyone able to audition? How does that work?

Loved it!!!!!


Hi Corean-
I was in the scriptwriting class with Katie. I saw your play tonight with a friend and loved it! It was funny and clever. So enjoyable.
The music was exceptional. The between scene changes music especially!
I’m glad I was part of your email list and got to hear about the play and get to see it.
Keep me posted for future stuff.


I truly enjoyed the play!


Hi Corean

Thanks for the worship and a blessed celebration through your play. You received a rave revue by all. Everyone is asking about the ending they wanted to know do you have a part two in mind because of the way it end do his wife know did he tell his wife etc? Enjoy the pictures send me your address again so i can send you copies of the pictures.

Flora – Walker Memorial Baptist Church – Bronx, NY